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We offer a multitude of niche technology skills very relevant to the current trends in IT.

Cyber Security

Cloud Technologies

AI, Robotics & RPA

Dev Ops

Application Development

Mobile Technologies



Data Science

IT Operations & Sales

Data Mining

Data Analytics (Big Data)


Digital Marketing


About ITH

With the right team in place, you can expect great work - and even greater results!

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Unique Approach

Our boutique recruitment agency has a unique approach to making the right connections . With the right team in place, you can expect great work. That's where our boutique staffing firm comes in. We make it easy for you to hire IT professionals with years of experience and the exact skills you're looking for.


Our agency is backed up with professionals with more than a decade experience in IT Industry,Recruitment & Placements, Immigration, Start-up Consultations, Volume Hiring, Executive Search,Strategic Sourcing & Resource Management. From small agencies to major corporations, our boutique staffing agency is in the business of connecting people.

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